Circushack [sur-kuh s hak]

  • (v.)to modify: in an inexpensive, clever, accessible way, something mundane into something magical and unique.
  • (v.)a tip, trick, or efficient method for doing or managing something
  • (n.)a traveling troupe of artists and performers, that present entertainment and instruction anytime, anywhere, including, but not limited to: cyr wheel, tattooing, flying trapeze, painting, tumbling, fire eating, handstands, and acrobatics
  • (n.)a space in which circus artists gather.

We are currently traveling across the united states: bound for the Baja peninsula and Mexico!

Mickey Dupont

Michael Dupont has been teaching circus arts for over 20 years. Beginning as a gymnastics instructor, he transitioned to the circus arts at age 20 and began performing in shows around the world.  Flying trapeze, juggling, acrobatics and Cyr wheel are just some of the disciplines he has performed and taught. He is now teaching and performing in the Twin Cities and travels in the winter to warmer climates, bringing circus arts with him and sharing the experiences with all.



Bambi Wendt

Bambi has been a tattoo artist for 11 years, and she is the owner of Jackalope Tattoo in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Bambi was never an athlete until 2015 when she found circus, and she discovered you can teach an old dog new tricks if you're kind and patient with yourself. She now travels the globe tattooing, teaching circus, filling her watercolor moleskin, and painting murals.